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Living on Lava

It’s no secret Central Oregon sits on and near volcanoes—but is having them erupt in our lifetime an actual threat?

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The Remarkable Gary Arbaugh

Gary Arbaugh has led a remarkable life. He has become a recognizable face around town to business owners, charities, runners and many others.

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The Economic Beat of Warm Springs

Innovation promises security on the reservation.

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How To Handle The Housing Crisis?

As a UGB proposal is approved by the City Council, Bend 2030 works toward solutions on other parts of the home front.

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Getting North To South Via East

The extension of 27th Street will allow for an east side pass-through — but it could come with some big cuts for one local club.

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Head Games: Idaho’s New Rules Aim to Prevent Concussions

“My son got two concussions in the 8th grade. He finished the season and hasn’t played since.”

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The Other Six Days

How local farms prepare for the Capital City Public Market.

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Waiting For a Dial Tone

Idaho’s suicide hot line can’t be plugged back in soon enough.

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New Rooms At The Inn

Bethlehem Inn moves into its new building and even joins the Tour of Homes to show off its new spaces for displaced people.

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Arts & Entertainment

State Of The Arts

The City of Bend cut its Arts, Beautification Culture Commission this year. Where does that leave support for the arts in the City?

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Punks on a Play Date

The Frontman of the Bouncing Souls Makes a Kids Album.

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Visiting Pompeii and hiking Mount Vesuvius

If you are traveling to Italy, visiting the city of Pompeii and hiking Mount Vesuvius are must-see locations. There are so many Italian cities with amazing history, but none have been preserved the way Pompeii has.

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7 Reasons why offseason travel is the best way to travel

Offseason travel can be fun for many reasons — you can save money and avoid the crowds. While you may have to make some sacrifices, there are plenty of reasons to travel in the offseason.

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1 week in Italy itinerary: Planning your trip

Italy is a large country full of thousands of years of history. If you are planning a visit, it would be hard to see everything in less than a week, but I would recommend a few weeks at least. Here is my itinerary for one week in Italy.

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9 Things to do in Boise, Idaho (for a first-time visitor)

There is so much to do when visiting Boise, Idaho for the first time. The capital of Idaho is full of history, outdoor activities, breweries, and more. Here are our favorite things to do in Boise, Idaho for a first-time visitor.

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8 Things I learned about the world (and myself) when traveling internationally for the first time

There are some things I notice about international travel, as well as myself, each time I leave the safety of my home.

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Ernest Hemingway in Idaho: Visit all the Sun Valley locations

Ernest Hemingway led an amazing life. He spent time in Paris and Cuba, and perhaps less known, he also had a home in Sun Valley, Idaho.

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